Managed IT Services

Introduction to Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for managing and maintaining your business’ IT operations, allowing the improvement of operations and cutting of expenses.

At MISL, our Managed IT Services allow you and your team to stay connected wherever you are. We ensure that all of your technical requirements are met and you have everything you need to run as smoothly as possible. Ran by our in-house team of qualified and dedicated IT professionals, MISL provide a wide range of seamless services, especially tailored to each individual clients needs and budget.

IT Support

Remote and On-Site IT Services, Mon -Fri, 9am-5pm all users within your business.

Equipment Refresh

Review and upgrade your current hardware, based on the demands of your work.


Improve your Internet Connectivity, upgrade your Wi-Fi, advance your Communications.

Website Design/Hosting

Full website building, hosting and domain management services. Individually tailored.

Hardware Destruction

Military-grade, safe and secure destruction in compliance with WEEE Standards.


Full anti-virus protection and tailored security measures for your business.

IT Support Solutions

The Complete Solution for your Business

With over 30 years of collective experience in IT Support, Hardware, Software and Consultancy, MISL IT Services are especially confident that we can provide you with a package that will perfectly meet your business requirements.

We understand that every company differs in their approach when it comes to IT Systems; because of this, we ensure each of our clients receive a bespoke selection of our services, satisfying both business and financial needs.

IT Support Agreement

Our expert support team are available on demand emergency and low priority support. Along with quick response times and efficient resolutions, you will never be dissatisfied with your service.

What is included?

  • IT Support, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm for all users within your business.
  • Completion and providing of technical documentation, displaying your current network and recommending changes to aid in future-proofing your business.
  • Specialist tools for a pro-active response, keeping your network safe from any threat before you are aware of its existence.
  • Windows Update Management.
  • Full Remote and On-site Support if/when required.
  • No long-term commitments.

AD HOC Support

Do you not want to commit to a monthly agreement? Alternatively, we provide all of our services for our ad hoc clients at an hourly rate, as and when we are needed.


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Equipment Refresh

Revitalize your Technology

By ensuring your IT equipment is up-to-date and regularly refreshed, you can be sure that your business remains compliant and avoids unnecessary troubles caused by broken or aged technology. We can help you to, not only get the hardware you require, but also take over the installation process and ensure that things are up and running as soon as you need. By working with you to understand your requirements, we can provide you with a suitable and cost-effective solution to refreshing your equipment.

How does it work?

MISL IT Services will provide you with a full review of all of your current hardware, helping to give you a better understanding of your current specifications, in addition to what effects this can have on your everyday business. This review will also help us to understand what you need; whether this be maintenance, component upgrades or a full hardware refresh. We will eliminate the time-consuming issues caused by aging systems or slow performance, undoubtedly helping to greatly improve productivity for your business.

MISL IT Services are partnered with Hardware vendors – Draytek, Dell and Ingram Micro – to ensure that clients receive the best deals for the best equipment to meet all demands.

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Connectivity & Telecoms

Keeping you Connected


MISL IT Services are able to offer a wide range of Connectivity and Telecoms services. Importantly, this allows us to provide organisations with flexible and resilient solutions that fully support your requirements. 

In this day and age, high quality services are key to running a successful business. Moreover, there is such high demand for fast, responsive and reliable services – this can often become an unnecessary hassle for businesses. Here’s how we can help:

Internet Connectivity 

From ADSL & Fibre, to Ethernet & Leased Lines, we can help with the ever-growing bandwidth needs of your business. With our future-proofing portfolio, we can get you connected with a fast and robust solution, tailored to budget.


If your business is struggling for a reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection, MISL IT Services have solutions for you. By using enterprise-grade hardware, coupled with extensive in house knowledge, we can get you the connection you require where, perhaps, cabling isn’t an option.


Whether you are looking for Fixed Line or IP Services, we have something for you. With traditional Line Rental or SIP Trunk packages at our disposal, we can work with you to find what best meets your requirements. This will allow you to make and receive important calls with your clients and business partners.

More and more businesses are moving their services to the cloud – here are some benefits of a VoIP solution:

  • Better mobility – moving to a new location won’t require the acquisition of new phone lines.
  • Cutting edge integration – incorporate your Customer Relationship Management software with VoIP phones to enhance caller-ID and record call information.
  • Long term investment to save money.


Our Cabling Team use high quality hardware and technology to provide structured cabling solutions to businesses of all sizes. Fully tested and performance checked, we will take care of the process from start to finish.


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Website Design

Quick, Affordable Website Solutions

The in-house MISL web team work with you to build a new website, or upgrade your current one. We offer a complete service, from concept design and maintenance to helping with domain purchasing and hosting.

User experience is the most important thing when it comes to building a website. We will get to know you and your business, also understanding the best approach to give new and existing clients the best browsing experience, helping to attract new business.

The Design Process

The first step will be to undertake research and analysis on your company and competitors, utilizing our findings in the design planning process. Secondly, we will develop a set of designs based on the information collected from yourselves and your market. Finally, we will be able to provide you with attractive offerings for your brand and get your website live. The complete design process will be absolutely customer orientated. We will be taking into account the needs of your business and its clientele, helping to create something that exceeds your standards.

MISL IT Services are partnered with Europe’s leading Web Hosting company, allowing us to provide flexible packages for large and small clients.

We can assist with:

  •  Domain Name Purchasing
  • Domain Name Management
  • SSL Certificates
  • Web Hosting

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Hardware Destruction

The Complete Hardware Destruction Solution


Our Secure Hardware Destruction services will give you peace of mind that your data and equipment is destroyed within compliance with WEEE Standards.

The Process

Your hardware will be collected by one of our GPS tracked vehicles, either regularly scheduled or for one-off collection. All hardware undergoes Military-Grade destruction, ensuring that your data is permanently destroyed. Last but not least we will then provide you with a certificate of destruction – this is a guarantee of safe and secure disposal. This will also give you an audit trail, proving that your information is not at risk and your business has been compliant with relevant data protection laws.

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Keeping your Business Safe

With new threats to your data being created each day, businesses must ensure they protect themselves. At MISL IT Services, we have partnered with Webroot, a leading provider of Premium Anti-Virus software. Popularized by their innovation of the cloud and artificial intelligence, Webroot secures businesses worldwide with threat intelligence and protection for endpoints and networks.

What to expect:

  • Quick and efficient scans. Webroot’s full cloud based software allows scan completion in less than 30 seconds. Differing from, and far out-performing, any other anti-virus software out there.
  • Protection of usernames, account numbers, passwords and other personal information.
  • Webcam protection. Trojan malware accesses vulnerabilities in webcams, giving hackers eyes and ears into your business. Internet security software eradicates this threat.
  • Protection against phishing – secures your browsing, stopping the theft of login information and malware implementation.

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